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Events 2018

Day of Family, Love and Faith

8. July 2018

Family plays important role in the life not only human beings but also the majority of animals. Certainly, not every animal family resembles human one. Would you like to know where the difference lies? Visit us! 

International Tiger Day

29. July 2018

On that day, visitors will learn many interesting facts about Siberian tigers: their habitats, habits, who they share habitats with, who poses a threat.

Our Zoo Birthday. We are 153 years old!

18. August 2018

The greatest zoo annual celebration! The extensive program will be offered to the visitors including the facts from the history of the zoo, some routine details, and highlights of its animals life. There are interactive games, quizzes, excursions, workshops, feeding shows, animal walks, close contacts with tame animals, festive program on the zoo’s stage, and many other events in the schedule!

Day of Knowledge

1. September 2018

To celebrate Day of Knowledge, there will be offered an amazing program revealing some mysteries of the wild and broadening the worldview of our young but curious visitors.

Animal Keeper Day

16. September 2018

Animal keepers are workers who look after the animals. They feed our residents, clean their aviaries, and care for them. How to work as a keeper, what difficulties they face and what joy they experience – all of that you can learn through our special program. 

World Animal Day

7. September 2018

Visitors will learn more about rare and endangered species which are in the collection of the Leningradsky Zoo, what threatens

these species in the wild and what we can do to contribute to the environmental conservation.

Turtle Day

21. October 2018

Turtles are amazing and various species! Terrestrial and natatorial, big and small, predatory and vegetarians. Take part in our program and learn more about these amazing creatures!

Predators from Different Parts of the World Autumn School Break

29. October-4. November 2018

Predators make up a large diverse group of animals covering such grand and dangerous creatures as a bear or tiger alongside with such agile little ones as a weasel or marten. 

Small Dwellers of Bigger World

25. November 2018

Invertebrates: beetles, snails, cockroaches, stick insects, millepede… We can list them endlessly, and every single one will be unique. Take a touch to the vast world of these various and amazing creatures!

Primate Day

9. December 2018

Learn more about the variety of primates in the collection of the Leningradsky Zoo, about their habitats in the wild, habits, what they feed on, who shares their habitats, who poses a threat.

Attention, please! Please note that the programme is subject to changes. Follow updates! 

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